Friday, August 5, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, I must say that the best and most popular GZblogs around the world are


1. from Romania!!!


2. from Russia!

Congratulations Pavel!

3. from Moldova!

Congratulations Max!

4. from USA!

Congratulations Bennyboy!

5. from Uzbekistan!

Congratulations Timka!

6. from Mexico!

Congratulations Mrcfmu!

7. from Italy!

Congratulations Alex193a!

8. from UK!

Contratulations Paul!

9. from Lithuania!

Congratulations Zoleedis!

10. from Albania!

Congratulations Ditjon Lushaj!

You are the best, Great Greenzoners!

It’s very hard to say but another blogs had to small activity (less than 10 visitors per week), or didn’t put our code correct, or was out of date. We are very sorry but we can’t award this blogs like the great 10.

Winners and non-bloggers, who used blog-contest surprise, will get EEP and invitations soon.

Are you ready...

… for the list of blog-contest winners? :)